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administrative hearings

Oftentimes, proceedings are conducted in front of administrative law judges. DiPaula Law represents its clients in a wide variety of administrative proceedings. Agencies before which DiPaula Law can represent you include:
Maryland Home Improvement Commission

If you are a contractor that is defending a claim brought against you in the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, or a homeowner that brings a claim against a contractor, we can represent you.

Liquor Control Board

If you are opening a business and need a liquor license, whether one is being transferred from the business you are purchasing, or a new license if available, you should have the assistance of someone that knows the process and can represent you at the public hearing.


  • If your driving privilege is in jeopardy because MVA has notified you of intended revocation or suspension and giving you the right to a hearing, it may seem criminal in nature, but this too is a civil matter and we offer consultations and representation in these situations.


  • Often the worst part of an alcohol-related traffic charge or conviction, or other serious offense for which MVA assesses many points, is dealing with the penalties which MVA seeks to impose. Knowing what to do, when, and how to take the necessary steps to protect your driving privilege is important and areas where we can help you.

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