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DiPaula law handles most types of civil litigation, including contract disputes, real property actions including boundary disputes and adverse possession claims, and all forms of construction litigation. Many such disputes are litigated in administrative agencies and not courts.

  • Contract Disputes:  Are you in a dispute with the contractor that did not finish your project or performed in an unworkmanlike manner? Did the builder of your home refuse to honor the warranty or address final punchlist items?  Did the seller of the home you just bought fail to disclose latent defects or misrepresent the condition of the house?  These are all typical contract disputes that DiPaula law handles on a regular basis.

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  • Construction Litigation:  We file mechanics liens for contractors who have not been paid for their work, and defend lien actions as well.  DiPaula law has represented general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and property owners.  Not all work or every project is subject to a lien, and there are strict notice and filing deadlines in order to perfect a lien. These questions and more come up daily. 


  • Breach of Contract:  You performed work for a customer, but they refuse to pay despite demand.  We can advise how you should proceed to protect your contract rights and represent you through litigation.


  • Wage Claims:  If you have a wage claim, such as you worked and have not been paid, or worked overtime and have not been paid, or are due bonuses or commissions after your employment terminated, we can help you with a wage claim. If you are an employer against whom an unpaid wage has been filed, we can defend the claim in Maryland state or federal courts.

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