Residential And Commercial Lease Preparation


Leases are complicated and contain many traps for the unwary, and have long-term consequences.  There are numerous lease provisions that will have serious impacts on Landlords and Tenants if they are or are not included in the lease.  We help landlords prepare residential and commercial Leases that meet their business needs and protects them and their property.


Lease Review and Negotiation

The old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” is doubly true in the case of leases.  They are full of legal terms that have significant consequences.  Having your lease reviewed is an important part of opening a small business.  We will review your lease before you sign so you understand the legal document, and assist with negotiating changes with your future landlord. 

Landlord Tenant

Commercial and Residential Evictions, Tenant Holding Over, and Breach of Lease Actions. 

If your residential or commercial tenant has failed to pay their rent, refuses to leave after the lease term ends, or breached their lease, we can represent you through the legal process of protecting your rights, recovering possession and recovering the sums owed.

If you are a tenant, we can assist you with defending an action against you by a landlord. 


We guide landlords through the sometimes complicated process of retaining a security deposit due to nonpayment of rent or damage to the property.

Partition Actions

If you co-own real estate that you want to sell, but another owner does not, you may need to proceed with a partition action.   We will represent you through all phases of this process, from filing the Complaint, the sale of the property, and the division of the proceeds.


DiPaula law also prepares a wide variety of real estate contracts, deeds, easement agreements, and common driveway agreements.  We represent clients in boundary disputes and adverse possession actions.  We can assist with most real estate needs.

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