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If you have been cited or arrested for a serious traffic offense and are facing possible incarceration (Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Impaired, driving while revoked or suspended, leaving the scene, etc.) there are both court and administrative (MVA) implications of which you must be aware.  From calling for advice on whether to submit to an alcohol test and knowing the possible consequences of your decision, to assisting you after arrest, we can help.  Post-arrest, once your license has been confiscated, there are continuing issues and decisions where advice 

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and experience is vital, and we can be of assistance in finding the right alcohol education and/or treatment program, deciding whether to elect hearings, and the ignition interlock.

Administrative Proceedings:

Often the worst part of an alcohol-related traffic charge or conviction, or other serious offense for which MVA assesses many points, is dealing with the penalties which MVA seeks to impose.  Knowing what to do, when and how to take the necessary steps to protect your driving privilege is important and areas where we can help you.


It does not take much for someone to charge you with a crime, and suddenly your name is on judicial case search and a sheriff is trying to serve a warrant or summons.  If this happens to you, DiPaula law can help at every step, from arranging for service, investigating the facts and circumstances, trying the case or negotiating a positive outcome with the prosecution. 

We also handle Violations of Probation.

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